A weekend in Bologna travel guide: Renaissance, Romance and Ragù:

A weekend in Bologna travel guide: Renaissance, Romance and Ragù:

Bologna One Day Itinerary

From Michelangelo’s sculpture work to Morandi’s paintings, Bologna is a city you could easily spend days enjoying the art and architecture off – in fact, in the Emilia Region alone there are 13 UNESCO sites, so be sure to enjoy those that are in the city.

For day one, let’s start with some of the highlights, and some gelato because it’s a totally suitable food-group to build a whole lunch out of when in Italy!


Looking out on Basilica di San Petronio

Piazza Maggiore

Set in the centre of the old town, Piazza Maggiore will forever be one of my favourite places in the city to people watch, sip on a local Lambrusco, or sneak off into the small streets nearby for a breakfast or to buy some local goods.

Here, medieval palaces sit alongside Romanesque cathedrals, and there are a few sights you can enjoy on the square itself.

Start inside the Basilica di San Petronio, which dates back to the 14th-century and is the most important church that Bologna has to offer. the most important church in the city hailing back to the 14th-century, it’s also one of the largest in Europe. Be sure to head inside, and while outside, you’ll likely notice it was never fully completed – with the marble at the bottom turning into plain brickwork higher up.


Stop at Via Pescherie Vecchie, 1 for breakfast

Also on the square, you’ll find Palazzo dei Banchi, a 16th-century palace, and turning through the archways here is one of my favourite streets, Via Pescherie Vecchie, 1 – ideal for a quick breakfast bite at one of the cafes.

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