Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora & Konopiste

Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora & Konopiste

The Konopiste Castle in Benesov

So, my trip to Konopiste Castle was a bit of a failure, as I hadn’t checked opening hours before my visit – fail.

Either way, it’s amazingly impressive from the outside to walk around too, and the park and lake beside it are very grand. I’m pretty sure where I went for a walk outside is technically part of the area you can only visit when it’s open – the grounds team who were doing some gardening seemed to take pity on my wasted winter journey and signalled me to briefly come through a gate for a look at the grounds – cheers lads!

The castle is beautiful though, Gothic, and from the 13th century, it’s turrets and design are best appreciated by aerial photos, but you can really see the scale of it from the ground level too.

Inside, from what I read and expected haha, you can tour some of the grand rooms, with fresco ceilings, historic artefacts, and art.

Although it has been passed from aristocrat to aristocrat over the years, the previous owner of the castle was Franz Ferdinand, until his assassination in Bosnia, and thus began World War One.

As with other places in the Czech Republic, there is a bear kept in the moat area of the castle. Not a fan of this at all, and didn’t realise – in case that changes your mind to visit here.

I didn’t really spend any time in Benesov itself, but it does seem the main reason for visiting is very much the castle.

Konopiste Castle

The Konopiste Castle in the Czech Republic

How to get to Konopiste Castle from Prague?

It’s about a thirty-minute drive to the castle or an hour by bus or train. You’ll need to take these to Benesov, from there I would suggest walking. It’s around 30-minutes, but much of that walk is through a nice park with deer.

Alternatively, you could book on to a tour to visit Konopiste Castle from Prague, there are also tours here that include the Kozel brewery – and we all love a Czech beer!


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