Summer 2020 in Turkey: three must visit destinations!

Summer 2020 in Turkey: three must visit destinations!


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For history lovers: Cappadocia

For years I thought Cappadocia was a specific place, but it wasn’t until I started planning this trip I realised it is actually a whole region.

Located in central Turkey, this rugged, rocky and semi-arid location is famed for the unique homes carved into Caves, some of which you can even stay in, and the towering cone-like rock formations that you’ll find all over Instagram.

The history here is incredible and dates back beyond the Bronze Age, so it’s no wonder that the region is now UNESCO listed. The underground cities, such as Derinkuyu where air-vents bring breathable air down underground look insane, and I can’t wait to witness them with my own eyes.

There are different towns you can choose to stay in, and while Göreme would be my pick, spots like Ürgüp or the Ihlara Valley are also popular with plenty of options.

Don’t miss: The chance to sleep in a historic cave hotel, the incredible views along the Pigeon Valley and the stable sun-rise hot air balloon ride.

To get to Cappadocia: you’ll have to take a domestic connections to Kayseri Erkilet Airport, from which an hour transfer will take you to the famous sights of Cappadocia.

For beach lovers: Antalya

Antalya is the gateway to the Mediterranean region of Turkey on the south side. Where the long stretch of coasts offers turquoise waters and relaxation opportunities. Popular year-round, with winter sun also a possibility, here you’ll find accommodation options for all. From the splashy and luxurious resorts to the more laid-back budget-friendly accommodation.

Popular nearby resort destinations include Belek, where golf courses and luxury resorts can be found in lush greenery along the coast, Antalya itself, and further along, a range of hotels, including the popular destination of Side around an hours transfer away.

Antalya itself offers a good combination of beach break, with the accessibility and attractions of a city. The Old Harbour is nice for a stroll, and you’ll spot reminders of Antalya’s previous life as a Roman Port, particular with the imposing Hadrian’s Gate.

Don’t miss: If you want a break from the beach, visit some of the nearby waterfalls or the Roman ruins.

To get to Antalya: both direct international flights and domestic connections are available.   

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