Chinatown and Keong Saik Road

Chinatown and Keong Saik Road

Sizzlings dishes from the food markets

Sizzling dishes from the food markets

Contrast contemporary cuisine with market culture

Moments away from the new neighbourhood of cool, the buzzing night market of Singapore Chinatown await.

As street food is not a thing in Singapore, you’ll love the vibe here as an alternative. A hotbed of sizzling plates, lively hawker stools and vibrant colours, this is a far cry from the rooftop cocktails at Potato Head.

Whatever your palate is craving, you’ll be as spoilt as I was in this corner of the city, from favourites such as Hainanese Chicken or Satay to Singapore Crab and more traditional Chinese cuisine. The stalls vary in size, from small spots with communal tables and stools to more formal sit-down affairs. The market gets super busy, both with locals and tourists, and the food quality is exceptional in Singapore, so any health market worries you might think of, are for sure unfounded here.

Just nearby, is the Maxwell Food Centre, another fantastic spot to sample local dishes at great prices. Not quite as colourful or photography friendly as the Food Market Street by the metro, it’s also a bit less hectic, and your sense will focus more on the plethora of dishes available, rather than the noise and bright lights. Although I’ve always managed to miss it, the second floor of the Chinatown Complex, which looks like a rather bland shopping centre from outside, is also packed with food options.

If you would prefer to join a food tour, there are plenty of options available. From those that include Hawker and Michelin samplings, to grander tours, including three-wheeler guides, dinner and boat sailing.

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