reasons to visit this fab Italian region

reasons to visit this fab Italian region

Admire the apples of Val di Non

Val di Non literally translates to the Valley of Nothing, but that’s a lie, as it is completely packed with apples! When we first arrived, I thought I was staring at vineyards, but the terraced hills are actually apples.

The Melinda Apple experience near Castle Thun deserves a look in, with the all-encompassing 360 video room showing an incredible overview of the underground caves inside the Dolomites. Now, these caves house apple storage all year round, using natures temperature cooling system. It was quite cool to see inside, although it’s only on exceptional occasions you can actually visit inside the cave storage system.

Castel Valer surrounded by apple orchards

Castel Valer surrounded by orchards

Boutique hotels with beautiful views

On my three visits to Trentino, I’ve never been disappointed with my accommodation. Clean, well-kept rooms with the environment in mind seem to be the norm here, but it’s the epic views that will have you hooked.

Hotel Viridis is a fantastic place to stay in Val di Non, with most of the rooms and the restaurant overlooking mountains, river and green apple trees.

In Trento itself, the Heart of Trento B&B offers fantastic boutique rooms, with a roof terrace and hot tub, and an all-glass top floor lounge to admire the city from.

The incredible views at Hotel Vidris

The incredible views in Val Di Non

Other notable places to stay are Hotel Villa Degli Orti, which is in Borgo Valsugana, a family-run small guesthouse with delightful rooms and a lovely view from the front, and Hotel Margherita Rumo, high in the mountains and with a more Austrian style vibe, complete with a beautiful spa and a fantastic restaurant for Italian/Austrian style dishes.

For something really special, book a night in Castel Pergine, and stay in an actual castle – what an awesome reason to visit Trentino. I hope you love it as much as I did!

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